Out of Control

The brackets from this Train Graveyard in PA deserved another visit last night and rightfully so, this location rocks! We were fortunate to have access to this specific car, because I heard from others that when they went it was locked up. Not sure why, but in my opinion this was the best train car in the graveyard! There were lots of possible compositions given the small space and I could see this location being great for a fashion model shoot once the spring time comes around.

I like to think shooting Urbex has helped me improve visually as a photographer and also technically as a post processor, while allowing me to experience adventure! HDR has been a great tool for bringing out all of the details in a scene, when my vision calls for it. I like to think I do HDR photography well and my Urbex images receive amazing feedback, but I don’t want to have tunnel vision. If all you shoot/or post are the same images day in and out, stop yourself and smack your face! Try to find some variety in the subject matter you are shooting and publishing! You will be rewarded along with your viewers with some fresh new material!