Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia is sure to spin your head! As a bracketing sequence on my D7000 would end completion, I’d be off shooting handheld B&W images with my D5000! This cellblock was one of many that were accessible inside the prison and at the end of this hall would be the room where I shot Prisoner!

Since I started to shoot Studio Portraiture, I’ve been exposed to color casts! This can be something we add or subtract from an image and it’s important to adjust your white balance to suite your visual needs! In CS5, I ran this tone-mapped file through an Adjustment Layer, Selective Color! I chose the neutrals and began to adjust the magenta, cyan and yellow sliders in very small amounts! Bingo, the image was already starting to take shape. This is something i’ve not done before in my work, but since portraiture requires some form of white balance and color cast adjustments, I decided to apply it to this medium! This made working with onOne Software’s Perfect Effects 3 a breeze and I was complete after some final contrast, brightness, curve, recovery and black point adjustments back to Aperture 3!