I love architecture photography. Recently, I’ve signed up for KelbyTraining and saw a great video by Scott Kelby about composition and being able to know whats right and wrong about your shots! It’s best not to focus as much on the technical aspects but more on the emotional feelings about your work! It’s easy to think that the best photographers only take great shots!  This is not completely true as a true professional will work a scene until they come up with one or two great frames!  It’s important to use trial and error when composing your work and realize something made you stop to take that shot, now it’s up to you to convey your vision by working that scene! Yesterday, I was going back through my catalog to look at some of my past shoots.

I stumbled across this image I shot after I picked up my 17-55 f/2.8 lens and headed to Center City Philadelphia to shoot some handheld frames during the sunset hour!  What struck me as unusual about this shoot was I was working with an aperture of f/4 on this and a lot of other shots.  I didn’t expect the images to have as much depth at f/4 as they did, but it was the 55mm focal point that helped craft a lot of the images that day!  I spent a lot of time composing shots right underneath the buildings looking up backward to allow my head to relax in a 90 degree angle.  I found this a better way to shoot these kind of shots rather than facing them forward and also gave me a different perspective!