Chair On Wheels

First let me start off by saying, I’m no longer going to watermark my images! All of my work is All Rights Reserved and even with my watermark’s in the past, I’ve had an image stolen and misused! With that being said, the great debate over watermarks has been heard loud and clear! If a watermarked image results in misuse and loosing a pair of eyes on my work then that’s now water under the bridge!

The Kirkbride Hospital was a location I’ve been to before. Upon first visit, my luck with gaining entry was unsuccessful. I’m a true believer of exploring with the right people and this time I went with a good buddy of mine and we had a successful exploration! As you can see this particular building is in a bit of disrepair but as the urbex saying goes… The funkier the location the better the shoot! A respirator was definitely in order for this place and so was a shower after I got home!