While going back through some brackets from a July visit to this Abandoned Power Station, it brought me back to the feeling it was like to explore this amazing location. It was an incredible adventure and I had the luxury to explore it with two people whom are my favorite photographers to shoot Urbex with. It’s very important when deciding to shoot exploration photography that you are doing it with other people that share the same passion as you. I’ve shot with people that packed up gear and headed for the exit after 2 hours. Me, I’m not done until my memory cards are full or my batteries run out, and trust me that’s very unlikely. It’s important that you spend your time at a location is as if you may never return!

For this shot, I decided to throw on my 35mm prime. The prime really captures a nice sharp shot! Shooting brackets at f/2.8 is not something I do often, but I wanted to bring attention to the graffiti on the door and blur out the foreground element on the left. I’m constantly reminding myself to try new things while on a shoot and I’m no stranger to sticking with what I know! But, I am able to pull myself away from that mentality when the time is right!