The Scranton Lace Factory Exploration was one of the most relaxing ones yet, mainly because the owner granted me permission to be on the property. These buildings will eventually be turned into some sort of artist community space and I’m glad I was able to spend 5 hours inside before the interior is demoed. This shot was taken in the breezeway that connected the two large buildings. When I entered this space I was drawn to the light and textures in the scene. I’ve been in the habit of framing my compositions on an angle, as I would normally try to frame head on! But sometimes you have to change things up when given the opportunity. One of the pleasing things about this composition for me is the view outside of the broken window, which shows the window frame to the other building across the way. I think it allows the eyes to wander around the image just enough, to not be drawn directly to the door. This would of been the case had I shot this head on. Next time your framing a shot head on, try another shot at a slight angle. You might be pleased with the results enough to actually process that one instead!

After tone mapping these brackets in Photomatix Pro, I used onOne Software’s PhotoTools and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4 in perfect harmony. If your not using either of these programs or haven’t experimented with using them both together, I strongly suggest you try them out and utilize my discount code “ScottFrederickPhoto” to receive a discount off your purchase.