Final Destination

Working on brackets from this Kirkbride designed Abandoned Hospital in NJ brings back memories. It was a risky exploration and the person I explored this location with insisted on checking the door we entered to make sure it didn’t lock behind us! That door was far away from where this shot was take. Whatever, so instead of being alone in this building we headed back to the entrance together. At this time he expressed to me that he wanted to leave, it had been less than 1 hour! I was very disappointed as I only grabbed about 4-5 shots while inside this once in a lifetime exploration, but the fact that he didn’t have the proper respirator and was locked into a building a few months back I can understand his panic.

However, I’m a professional and once inside a space like this I’m not leaving until my battery dies or my SD card is full. Lesson learned for Urban Exploration… Explore with people that have your same mental, physical abilities. Also make sure the people you explore with are as passionate about what they are doing as much as you are. This makes for a better team and when everyone is on the same page you can bring lots of shots home to be proud of!