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You need the best services for your wedding as this is mostly a onetime occasion in your life. You thus need the perfect photographer who will capture every moment. 

Bright Eyes

Finally, I had an opportunity to shoot a couple of long exposure images in Center City Philadelphia. Lately, I haven’t had much time to shoot everything that I want to! Photography is not my day job and with two kids and one only 2 months old, it’s hard to find the time…

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Reel Closet

If you haven’t already heard. I’m planning my first HDR Photography Workshop at the Abandoned Historic Lansdowne Theater just outside of Philadelphia. 


This shot was taken recently after a trip out to Valley Forge National Historic Park for a sunrise shoot.  General Knox’s quarters has a barn which seems to be open in the back. 

First let me start off by saying, I’m no longer going to watermark my images! All of my work is All Rights Reserved and even with my watermark’s in the past, I’ve had an image stolen and misused! 

This iconic image of the indoor pool at the abandoned Grossinger’s Resort in Upstate NY has been photographed many times.I’m glad I got a chance to visit this resort, but since our visit was cut short I’m disappointed I didn’t grab more images while I was there.

This train graveyard was a pleasure to shoot, especially with my new Nikon D7000. I must say it’s one kick ass camera! The quality of the images compared to my old D5000 is light years ahead and shooting at this location was like going back in time!

Working on brackets from this Kirkbride designed Abandoned Hospital in NJ brings back memories. It was a risky exploration and the person I explored this location with insisted on checking the door we entered to make sure it didn’t lock behind us!


After an extended vacation from reality, it can take some time to get back into the swing of things.


It’s always a breath of fresh air no pun intended when exploring an abandoned hospital facility with a fellow explorer who has connections.